Avenir Health is a policy and research organization that develops, supports and implements projection models to improve public health globally. Our clients include ministries of health, international organizations, university partners and corporate clients. Please visit our website to learn more about the full breadth of our activities: www.avenirhealth.org

The Spectrum Beta web page is a site where our models are shared while they are under development. We strongly recommend that end users visit the Avenir Health software page to obtain current, release versions: Software downloads

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Spectrum / OneHealth (List of revisions and updates)

Beta Version (Caution: Beta versions in debugging phase)

Public Release (AvenirHealth.org)

Country Data Package (Single install file containing all country specific demographic data and Help language files)


  • Respond Stat Shot Beta 2.03: Stat Shot
  • Workplace Policy Builder 2.87: WPB
  • Workplace Policy Builder 2.87 (light version): WBP Light
  • AIMB Standalone application Beta: AIMB
  • VMMC Site Capacity & Productivity Assessment Toolkit Version 1.28: Site Capacity